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Club Information

The NT Multiple Birth Club provides many services and activities for families with multiples.

Regular club catch-ups

Apart from committee meetings and playgroups we also hold family days, parent nights and other events held throughout the year.

Club Discounts

We have several retailers and service providers who offer a discount to club members. Members can also access the wide range of discounts available through the Australian Multiple Birth Association. Once you become a member you will receive your membership card, present it on purchase to receive the discount.
Current discount list is available on the members only private Facebook page.

We are always looking for service and providers who can offer our club families discounts or special offers. If you could help please contact ntmbc@live.com.au.

Hospital Visits

Upon the birth of your multiples you can contact our New Parent Coordinator to arrange a visit and discuss the club and any concerns you may have. Members also receive a small gift. Due to privacy laws you will need to contact us to arrange a visit. The New parent coordinator can be contacted via email ntmbc@live.com.au.


We hold several fundraisers throughout the year. As we are a not-for-profit community organisation, we rely on membership fees, fundraising events and grants to keep us going.

Support and advisors

We understand what you are going through, as we have been there. Our playgroup and family days are designed to bring multiple families together to provide support and information sharing. It is a chance to ask questions of members with older children, who may have had the same experiences as you, or to discuss and share stories about your family. If you are expecting please feel free to come along to one of our playgroups and ask any questions you may have and remember there is no such thing as a silly question.

We have support and contact people for the follow areas:

Breast feeding
Bottle feeding
Premature births
Special Needs
IVF support contact
Father’s Help

If you would like to speak to someone or like further information please contact our club via email or phone and we can get you in touch with the support person for that area.

Having Twins in the Top End

If you have just been informed you are pregnant with more than one baby then Congratulations!!! You are up for probably the most interesting time of your lives. Fortunately in Darwin there are some great facilities well equipped to provide care to you and your family.

Birthing Options

In Darwin there are two hospitals with birthing facilities:

Both hospitals are world class facilities and both offer advantages to you and your family. Generally speaking their individual strengths are:

Royal Darwin Hospital

  • Full 247 operation with ability to attend to a complex birth 24 hours per day
  • Dedicated birthing centre, delivery suite and maternity ward
  • Fully equipped and staffed Special Care Nursery(SCN) & Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
  • Public Hospital where treatment costs are usually fully covered by Medicare for Australian Citizens, Permanent Residents and foreign nationals from countries with reciprocal health care agreements.
  • Contact phone + 61 8 8922 8888

In Royal Darwin Hospital most of the antenatal services are located on the 8th floor, luckily the waiting room has an amazing view! The delivery suite, maternity ward and neonatal wards are all located on the 6th floor. The birthing suite and most imaging services are located on the ground floor.

Darwin Private Hospital

  • Private Hospital
  • Private Room and possibility of partner staying the night
  • Choice of Doctors/Specialists when available
  • Celebratory beer!
  • Contact phone +61 8 8920 6011

Antenatal care

Multiple pregnancies are classed as high risk pregnancies and as such more frequent ultrasounds, doctor visits and other checks are scheduled as compared to a singleton pregnancy. Your doctor will advise you of your  best course of action and advise of your plan. The type of twins will influence how often your check-ups will be. Typically dichorionic (usually fraternal twins) will require an ultrasound every four week and monochorionic (Identical Twins) every two weeks. Depending on various factors the checks may become more frequent as the pregnancy progresses. Full term pregnancy for twins is considered 37 weeks with approximately 50% of twins born prior.  RDH offer 24 hour phone support and checks for expecting families, please ensure you have the number stored in your phone. If you are worried for any reason about the health of you or your babies don’t hesitate to call the hospital – you are not being a nuisance to anyone.

After Birth

As multiples are frequently born early they often need a longer stay in hospital after birth. Depending on the level of prematurity this may require a stay in the RDH SCN or NICU regardless of which hospital they were born in. Parents are able to visit the SCN/NICU 24 hours a day with limited visits from others during standard visiting hours. The nursery will advise on current visiting allowances. Miracle Babies provide support to parents of babies in SCN/NICU and regularly visit the hospital. For further information https://www.miraclebabies.org.au

New parents and babies can meet up through the Early Birds offered through the Palmerston and Casuarina Community clinics.

Playgroup NT offer a range of playgroups for children Birth- 5 years and their families.


The Top End including the greater Darwin region is subject to tropical cyclones during the Wet Season and as such it is wise to be prepared. You should consider how you will look after two (or more!) new babies with no electricity, water or access to shops for a few days. Secure NT has tropical cyclone information as well as links to additional information from other agencies.

Additional Services for kids in the Top End

The City of Darwin offer some great services in Darwin for children and their parents including organised activities in parks and libraries.

The City of Palmerston also have a lot on offer for children and families

The Darwin Waterfront regularly hold free children friendly family events


Birthing and Pregnancy Services in the Top End

25 Tips for raising twins – Yes these things really do happen!!!

MCMA Twins – A scary story with a wonderful outcome.

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